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Galmar Snc Elettronica Industriale di Galletti E. & C.
Via Circonvallazione Sud  12
40062 Molinella (BO)

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Company philosophy/Profile:
Since 1979 presents on the market of electronic harnesses subcontracting, certified to ISO 9001:2000 since 2003, with a staff of 35 experienced operators and a factory surface of 3,000 s.m., GALMAR is specialised in electronic cables assembling for any application. GALMAR is your ideal partner to resolve every harnesses problem in any industrial ambit: electromedical, electrodental, packaging, instrumentations, railway, banking, telecommunications, domotic, security, energy, naval , etc.. Some of GALMAR activity specializations: Wire and cables cutting and crimping with automatic machines Electromechanical devices assemblies Electronic and electrical harnesses Final test with testing equipments The company mission, aimed to exceed customer requirements, has led to a continuous development of the Quality System and permitted GALMAR to obtain, on December 2003, the Quality Certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. We always think of our harnesses as the heart of machines, that’s why GALMAR constant goal is to assure customers satisfaction with a higher reliability of our final products. This philosophy allowed GALMAR to operate successfully within electronic fields such as medical, dental and railways, and anywhere an electronic harness demands a total quality.

Year founded:

Company type:

Product categories:
Fastening, surface treatment & assembling / Assembling

Volume of sales:
1- 5m Euros

Export share:
2 %

Export countries:
Other european countries

Business languages:
Englisch, französisch

Series production:

ISO 9001(2000)

Target industries:
Machines for the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industry
Other machines

Machined materials:
Investments have been made in order to keep competitiveness on the market for quality, fast delivering and flexible production. GALMAR is able to produce both important and little batches, on customers requirements, with their own materials or with total supply of goods. GALMAR has always followed up a philosophy of constant technological renovation, both in machinery and in the factory information network, that links workplaces, allowing to control all details of company production at anytime. Our cycle of production starts up with the cutting of cables, made with computer control automatic machines (KOMAX - SCHLEUNINGER); then it goes on with crimping by Quality Monitor latest generation machines (TYCO - MOLEX - JST - CEMBRE). After the final assembling of parts, the process ends with testing realised by personalized software. Within an ESD protected area we treat the electro static discharge sensitive items. This production system allows to keep in control each phase of production.

n.1 cutting and crimping machine Komax K532
n.1 cutting-stripping-crimping machine Friendly KMI
n.1 cutting-stripping-crimping machine Komax Gamma 33PC
n.1 cable cutting machine Komax Kappa 210
n.1 cable cutting machine Eubanks Mecatronic
n.1 tube cutting machine Mecatronic
n.1 tube cutting machine Schleuniger OC3950
n.1 stripper-crimper machine KMI km3010
n.1 stripper-crimper machine Lomax bt722
n.1 stripper-crimper machine Mecatronic
n.30 Automatic crimping Workstations with 130 different mini-applicators (Tyco, Molex, JST, Cembre, Assman, etc.)
n.1 dynamometer for crimping power/tension checking
n.8 Soldering workstation with Weller appliances
n.7 pin-to-pin interface software checking workstations
n.5 wee softwares checking for preformed assembly and checking pin-to-pin workstations
n.1 shrinkfilm packaging machine
n.18 pc workstation
n.2 barcode readers for checking production times
n.1 esd area for the treatment of electrostatics sensitive articles
n.1 lift truck
n.2 motors vehicles for goods trasport

Number of employees:

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