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Aussafer Due S.r.l.
Via Malignani, 9
33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)

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Company philosophy/Profile:
Aussafer due srl is one of the leading Italian specialists in sub-contract, precision CNC metal fabrications, supplying a wide range of sheet metal products.
We have clients from various market sectors such as machine building (for the textile, food, electric, agricultural, construction, automobile industries), conditioning and refrigeration, furnishing and objets d'art.
We are located in North-East Italy between Trieste and Venice, covering an area of 30,000 square metres, 20,000 of which are factory. Our staff, including management, programming, estimate technicians and production personnel skilled in metal plate working using the most modern technologies, form an organisation of 110 people.
Aussafer is an organisation committed to quality. We continually examine and audit every stage of our operations to ensure that everything we do contributes to the highest quality of end product, at the most economical cost to the customer.
We have equipment that makes the most varied work possible in alloys and pure metals.

Year founded:

Company type:
Service provider

Product categories:
Forming without cutting / Other metal deformation processes
Machined parts / Machined metallic parts
Fastening, surface treatment & assembling / Fastening (metal construction)
Fastening, surface treatment & assembling / Heat & surface treatment
Fastening, surface treatment & assembling / Assembling

Volume of sales:
> 20m Euros

Export share:
35 %

Export countries:
Germany, other european countries

Business languages:
Deutsch, englisch

Target industries:
Machine tools
Construction machines
Agricultural machines
Machines for the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industry
Domestic appliances
General plant construction
Other machines

Machined materials:
Stainless and mild steel, aluminium, titanium alloys, copper, brass, plastic materials, composite materials

Laser Cutting

10 Bystronic Laser cutting systems, two of which are unmanned, that allow particularly complex working with a high finishing degree; the working area is 4000 x 2000 and 1500 x 3000, stainless steel cutting thickness of 15 and 25 mm for carbon steel, with a 0.05 mm tolerance.
With out latest generation Laser machines equipped with “High Speed Cutting” we can satisfy large orders with fine to medium thicknesses with cost comparable to those obtained by punching technologies.

Water Jet Cutting

Two Flow Water Jet machines, double headed cutting system capable of cutting any type of material up to a thickness of 150 mm: i.e. aluminium and titanium alloys, copper, brass, stainless and carbon steels, plastic materials, wood, glass, marble, composite materials, etc. Working area is 2500 x 6000, 0.2 mm tolerance.


6 Finn-Power punching machines with automatic plate loading and unloading, 60 stations with indexed tools and 2 multitools, working area up to 4200 x 1500, max thickness 80/10.


One automatic bendimg machine (“Espress Bender”), capable of bending plates 0.5 mm up to 3 mm in thickness, max lenght 2550 mm, with superior finish and accuracy.
20 bending-pressing machines with a maximum capacity of 300 tons by 4 m; two 4 m shears.

Number of employees:

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