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C.O.M. S.C.p.A.
SS. 168 km 30+100
85026 Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ)

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Company philosophy/Profile:
C.O.M. specialises in the metalworking production of: Small batch production of oil sumps, manifolds and varied components for diesel motors and industrial vehicles Small and large series of shafts, flanges, clutches and gears , boxes, and covers for transmission units; Small and large batches of components for braking systems The max dimensions we can machine are : 800 mm diameter for turning operation 1000x1000x1000 mm for milling operation on Work Centres The above mentioned working is carried out with numerical controlled machines, managed by skilled workers trained for specific execution of operations and capable of assessing the accuracy of components using suitable measuement instrumentation

Year founded:

Company type:

Product categories:
Machined parts / Machined metallic parts

Volume of sales:
5-10m Euros

Export share:
20 %

Export countries:
Other european countries

Business languages:
Englisch, französisch

Series production:

ISO 9001(2000), ISO 14000, ISO TS 16949, EMAS

Target industries:
Agricultural machines
Machines for the food, chemical & pharmaceutical industry

Machined materials:
Cast iron, steel, aluminium, various metal alloys

Q.ty Type Supplier 1 Horizontal MC “Mazak FH680” MAZAK 1 Horizontal MC “Linea clo spazio 20” LINEA 2 Horizontal MC “OCN horizon 700L” OLIVETTI 1 Horizontal MC “ OCN horizon 700 “ OLIVETTI 3 Horizontal MC “ Mazak FH6800 “ MAZAK 1 Horizontal MC “ Mazak HCN 6800 “ MAZAK 1 Horizontal MC “ OCN horizon H800 “ OLIVETTI 2 Horizontal MC “Mazak NEXUS 6000” MAZAK 1 Horizontal MC “ACE H400P” DAEWOO 1 Vertical MCenter “quaser MK60 IIS “ QUASER 1 MC “ TWIN BI.Z 500H” VIGEL 1 Circular Tranf. Machine “K00039” TECNOMEC 1 Pick up Lathe ”Ergo 250” ( turret with rotary tools stations) FAMAR 1 Horizontal Lathe “PUMA 300M” ( turret with rotary tools stations) DAEWOO 4 Pick up Lathe “ VSC250” EMAG 1 Horizontal Lathe TCN GTC 20 LEADWELL 1 Horizontal Lathe “ TCN QUICK TURN 30” MAZAK 1 Horizontal Lathe “PUMA 350M” ( turret with rotary tools stations) DAEWOO 1 Vertical Lathe “TCN PUMA V15” ( turret with rotary tools stations) DAEWOO 1 Vertical Lathe “PUMA V400M” ( turret with rotary tools stations) DOOSAN 1 Double spindle Lathe “TCN MULTILPEX 430” MAZAK 1 Horizontal Lathe “PUMA 300” DAEWOO 1 Centre Lathe “ MONOFAP TPM” ANSELMI 1 Automatic painting installation ECOSYSVER 1 Automatic Welding installation SEECI SUD 1 Semi-automatic Broaching Machine MARCHELLO 1 Automatic Grinding Machine “GEHRING” GEHRING

Number of employees:

  • Germany

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