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The Italian Trade Agency - ICE is the government organization supporting the internationalization of Italian firms, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Economic Development.

ICE develops and facilitates economic and trade relations with foreign countries, focusing on the needs of Italian Small and Medium Enterprises - SMEs, Industrial Associations and manufacturing clusters.

ICE promotes the “Made in Italy” brand worldwide, showcasing Italian products and services and attracting investments.

ICE provides information, assistance and consultancy to companies on foreign markets, fostering export and cooperation in all fields –industry, agriculture, and services – increasing and consolidating the Italian presence in international markets.

ICE co-operates with Regions, Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and other Italian public and private entities.

ICE is headquartered in Rome, with a large network of offices around the world, acting as Trade Promotion Sections of the Italian Embassies or Consulates.

The Agency promotes Italian subcontracting in foreign markets, facing the challenges of ever growing global competition, targeting advanced SMEs essential to Italian competitiveness.

ICE coordinates the participation of Italian subcontracting companies to the main international events, helps networking and partnerships through on-line & on-site workshops and foreign delegations in Italy. In addition, the Agency provides information and news about the Italian subcontracting field, also by means of this website.

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